This Months Book Releases….

25 November 2023


By Peter Swanson

When Ashley Smith, a bright-eyed but lonely American studying in London is invited to spend Christmas with her classmate’s family at their Cotswolds manor house, it seems like a perfect country idyll. And there is the added romantic potential of her friend’s twin brother, Adam, who she thinks could be her wildest dream come true. But is there something strange about the old house, both stately and rundown? What could the motives of the mysterious Chapman family be? And what holiday horrors might be lying in wait?


By Andrew Pettegree

Since the advent of modern warfare, books have all too often found themselves on the frontline. The Book at War traces the surprising ways in which written culture from travel guides and scientific papers to Biggles and Anne Frank has shaped, and been shaped, by the conflicts of the modern age. From the American Civil War to the invasion of Ukraine, books, authors and readers have gone to war and in the process become both deadly weapons and our most persuasive arguments for peace.


By Lemn Sissay Canongate

For the past decade, Lemn Sissay has composed a short poem as dawn breaks each morning. Life-affirming, witty and full of wonder, these poems chronicle his own battle with the dark and are fuelled by resilience and defiant joy. Let the Light Pour In is a collection of the best of these poems, and a book celebrating this morning practice. ‘How do you do it?’ said night. ‘How do you wake up and shine?’ ‘I keep it simple,’ said light, ‘One day at a time’


By Sandra Newman

A bold feminist retelling of Nineteen EightyFour that reveals what life in Oceania was like for women. Seventy-five years after Orwell finished writing his iconic novel, Sandra Newman has tackled the world of Big Brother in a truly convincing way, offering a dramatically different, feminist narrative that is true to, and stands alongside, the original. For the millions of readers who have been brought up with Orwell’s Nineteen EightyFour, here, finally, is a provocative, vital and utterly satisfying companion novel.