The Diva Of Dimora Designs

15 November 2023

Lovingly known as Rel to the many lucky enough to know her or to have crossed her path. She is an iconic and adored regular at the historic Fyansford Papermill Gallery as owner and creator of Dimora Designs. Rel is also the highly passionate and a hugely committed patriot of this incredible site, where history is still clearly seen around every corner and creativity flows around many a nook and cranny.

Rel grew up surrounded by family engaged day to day, in creating beautiful things. Her Dad was a well-known florist in Camperdown for 20 years and her Mum lovingly created patchwork quilts and knitted constantly, as well as creating stunning floristry bouquets, whenever the moment arose.

Fast forward and a six-year stint in Irian Jaya and immersing in the culture, as well as travelling extensively through Java, piqued at Rel’s creative side and she started working with the local individual artisans and designing key pieces. It was slow going and exhausting at times, as communication was very limited due to the language barriers. However, the concepts would start with a drawing and literally grow from there. Rel also enjoys being able to give back and make a difference financially to a variety of local families.

Working hand in hand, bringing various concepts and materials to life and highlighting their beauty within and creating amazing individual and eclectic pieces which are found nowhere else and of which, each has a story to tell. Whether it’s the materials used, the way the concept came about, how the materials were sourced or perhaps just a memory that Rel shares on the day with her customers, as they wander in awe throughout this amazing shed at the Mills…

Dimora Designs opened at Fyansford Papermills in October 2018, offering an eclectic, intriguing mix of homewares and jewelry in a character filled shed that Rel has bought to absolute life and just literally lures you as you enter to come and explore her abundant range of the unique. Moving forward a few years and she also includes a variety of local artists wares who share a similar vision and style as well as a work space for artists to come along and hone their skills. Rel is all about supporting those who are passionate about their art and surrounding herself with like-minded people.

Dimora Designs is about to expand into offering customers the opportunity to either grab a coffee on the run, or to enjoy whilst wandering. The coffee will be exclusive to Dimora and will be their own local, unique coffee beans brewed to perfection. So, watch this space as this delicious offering will be instore mid – end of December, no doubt presented in Rel’s signature creative and unique way.

A drive to this precinct is a must, as it is truly a step back in time, steeped in history and stories of yesteryear. It is a place to explore and immerse oneself, but a highlight of this visit will no doubt, be a yarn with Rel and a discovery of so many treasures in her wonderful and eclectic retail space. Be sure to wander with coffee in hand of course and not to rush, as there is so much to see and do. Be aware too, that whatever you purchase, has been passionately designed and lovingly created and is most likely, the only one of its kind. A visit is truly an experience and definitely one not to miss.