Sit Back & Relax With A Book, It’s Holiday Time!

23 December 2023

Long Summer Days & Holiday Reading…

Who doesn’t love this time of year, holidays have arrived, the days are warm and long and the scene is definitely set for you to sit back, grab a favorite beverage and indulge in a new read.

Enjoy every minute, as you so deserve this ‘you’ time…



By Karen Viggers

When a violent brawl erupts at a suburban junior soccer game, some onlookers are shocked. But others saw it coming. Rivalry, parental pressure, coaching bias, inequity, and many other factors have played a part in turning Saturday mornings into a pressure cooker. Thirteen-year-old Audrey a talented young football player. Ben, whose own thwarted sporting career looms large in his ambitions for his daughter. Mums, Jonica and Carmen, are too absorbed when Griffin, a naturally gifted player with spectacular skills, arrives. Who is going to crack first, the parents or the players?



By Laura Imai Messina

A powerful, moving novel of grief, hope, friendship and love. On the Japanese island of Teshima there is a library of heartbeats, a place where the heartbeats of people who are alive or have already passed away echo. Several miles away, two lonely souls meet: Shuichi, a forty-year-old illustrator who returns to fix the house of his recently deceased mother, and eight-year-old Kenta, a child who wanders like a shadow around Shuichi’s house. Their journey will lead them to the library of heartbeats . . .



By Dan Ariely

Misinformation affects us daily, from social media to politics and even personal relationships. This eye-opening exploration of the human side of the misinformation crisis examines what drives otherwise rational people to adopt deeply irrational beliefs. Grounded in research and Ariely’s personal experience, it reveals the emotional, cognitive, personality and social elements that drive people towards false information and mistrust. By recognising misbelief as a human problem, it allows us to be part of the solution.



By Jonathan Lethem

A sweeping story of community, crime and gentrification, tracing over fifty years of life in one Brooklyn neighbourhood. The faces of the children change but the patterns remain the same: sex; boredom; friendship; violence. But the real action is played out behind closed doors by those who control this neighbourhood’s shifting demographics. Written with verve and wit, Brooklyn Crime Novel is an epic interrogation of how we fashion stories to contain the uncontainable: our remorse at the world we’ve made.


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