Kangaroo Grassland to Geelong Botanic Gardens and Eastern Beach

Podbury Dr East Geelong Greater Geelong

A Chronological Pictorial History Book - Kangaroo Grassland to Geelong Botanic Gardens and Eastern Park


This 400+ page hardcover book is a stunning collection of images and factual stories about the history of the Geelong Botanic Gardens. Many of these have until now been previously unknown and unrecorded.

It takes readers on a pictorial journey through time, starting with the designation of the park area in 1851 and showcases the amazing growth and expansion of the GBG to the present day.

As the fourth oldest botanic gardens in Australia, the GBG is an impressive space that boasts a world-renowned plant collection.

This book is an amazing contribution to Geelong’s history, giving a great insight into how the GBG has grown and evolved over time. It will become a significant resource and reference for future generations and is a fine example of a community contribution towards Geelong’s clever and creative vision.

This book is self-published and available for sale from the author: Ian Rogers who can be contacted on 0439 412 734.