Kid’s School Holiday Reading Or Anytime….

28 March 2024


By Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation

A ground-breaking graphic novel telling Yindjibarndi cultural stories in an immediate and engaging way. Yindjibarndi believe all creation is written in our landscape and was sung long ago, filling our Ngurra (Country) with sacred meanings and deep religious significance. At the dawn of time, Ngurra Nyujunggamu, the world was soft as clay and the sky was very low. Our Creator, Minkala, sang the songs from which all life and Ngurra evolved. These are some of our stories. And now we are sharing them with you. Dynamically illustrated by Alex Mankiewicz with striking artwork by members of the Juluwarlu Art Group. For ages 10-14



By Claire Saxby & illustrated by Jess Racklyeft

A journey of wonder and discovery, exploring the life in and around a mighty tree. Can you see the forest on this misty-morning mountain? Can you see where the tree stands? It is the tallest in this forest of tall trees. This tree is older than those who find it, younger than the land it grows from. Between sapwood and heartwood, water rises and energy flows. Listen to the leaves bustle. Smell the forest air. This is the world of the tree, from the bottom of its roots up to the tips of its upper branches. For ages 5-8



By Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

The hilarious fox and bear double act is back and better than ever in a third adventure. Frank and Bert are off for a picnic in the countryside. And Bert has brought a delicious surprise. But when he falls asleep, Frank can’t resist taking a peek and Bert has made Frank’s FAVOURITE biscuits! Surely, he won’t mind if Frank eats one . . . or two . . . or three . . . This big-hearted story about friendship and forgiveness is sure to get children giggling. For ages 2-5



By Anton Clifford-Motopi

Sam tries to understand what it means to be black in this funny Australian story about identity, family and friendship. Sam is a weird-looking white kid with an afro. He lives with his white mum and brown dog Trevor. He has never met his father. He just knows that his father is black. But a surprise visit has Sam questioning who he really is. A delightfully funny story about family and identity, and what it means to be truly Sam. For ages 8-12