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Stuck On You

16 Leather St Breakwater

We know, we know… It’s WAY too early to be thinking about back-to-school preparations. The school holidays have barely started!

However, on top of being the back-to-school experts, Stuck On You can also see the future.

The Stuck On You clairvoyants predict that:

  • In the not-so-distant future, you will spend lots of time and money on back-to-school items.
  • By the not-distant-enough future, many of these items will go missing.

We can’t tell you exactly where they’ve gone. We’re not that good!

What we can tell you is that by labelling your new stuff, they have a fighting chance of returning to you. 

Our gorgeous range of Labels provide the simplest insurance against item loss. Stick them onto drink bottles, books and shoes, or iron them onto uniforms, swimmers and hats.


The newest superstar in our label range is the long-lasting, reusable and laundry-safe Clothing Name Stamp. With a few flicks of the wrist, you can quickly and easily label that mountain of school uniform pieces. For darker clothes, we also supply a set of blank iron-on labels on which you can apply the stamp.


Our other personalised back-to-school products include backpacks, stationery and our bestselling Bento Box, the perfect vessel for fun and healthy lunchtimes.


How about some positivity in a (gorgeously monogrammed) pencil case? Bursting with feel-good vibes, this amazing Positivity Pack comes with vibrantly-coloured pencils and markers, each personalised with your child’s name and an inspirational quote (e.g. “You are loved”, “You are strong”). The pack also comes with a set of name labels - so that you can be positive your kids won’t lose their belongings! 



Want that extra touch of personalisation? Our new Mini Me labels allow kids to customise a representation of themselves next to their name – providing that extra deterrent to any would-be thieves!


But why save all the fun for school? Children (and adults!) lose things all year round. Our products can protect your belongings this summer, whether you’re going on a family beach trip or sending the kids to a vacation care program. 

What’s just as fun? Back-to-school shopping with Stuck On You! Keep the kids amused this summer and let them go wild with the vast design possibilities on our website - the ultimate guilt-free screen time (it’s for their education).

Order now so you can sit back and enjoy the rest of your summer!