A night tour of Geelong Goal, if you dare....

A night tour of Geelong Goal, if you dare....

Written on Thursday, July 4 2019

Once known as the ‘Seaside Resort’ or the ‘Prison of the Ill’, the bluestone edifice known as the Geelong Gaol has overlooked the town of Geelong for the past 170 years. 

And will continue to do so for many years to come, along with the Geelong Gaol Ghost Tours ……. and of course, to those who still reside behind the haunted walls.

Join the nightly ghost tours and be led by a character from the past to the darker side of history as the haunted halls and cells are explored by lantern light sharing the stories of criminals, lunatics and children who once lived behind these walls and who perhaps have never left…

Or for those who are brave of heart and not afraid of the dark, join the two hour paranormal investigation with experienced investigators who will lead you to the “hot” spots of the Geelong Gaol, in search of evidence that the paranormal truly exists. 

Tours operate seven nights a week

Bookings are essential.

 P 1300 865 800