One of the Largest Antique Shops in Australia

One of the Largest Antique Shops in Australia

Written on Tuesday, July 21 2020

Founded in 1958, Moorabool Antiques has grown into one of the largest antique shops in Australia, with over 7,000 items available. Moorabool Antique Galleries is a second-generation business, offering a vast range of genuine antiques.

Specialists in ceramics, the stock also includes Victorian, Georgian, & earlier Furniture, Silver, Glass, Objets de vertu, Works of Art, ancient Antiquities & Tribal artifacts.

The heart of Moorabool Antiques is their reference library; this is a collection of 1500 reference books on ceramics – and more importantly, several thousand ‘reference’ pieces, which offer a hands-on approach to study and identification that can never be truly expressed in print. This unique resource is available to interested collectors. Lectures and ‘handling sessions’ take place in this academic environment, in the upstairs gallery of the shop.

Moorabool Antiques have started publishing their own publications, beginning with the production documenting the discovery of a long-lost Australian potter, Isabella Clementina Ainslie. Many more books are planned for the future.

Moorabool Antiques has an extensive list of items on their website but if you are thinking of visiting in person, you're very welcome. The team are following the strictest social distancing guidelines, and will be able to host a single ‘ party’ at a time, by appointment.

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16 - 18 Ryrie St Geelong