Nourish your Mind, Body & Soul

Nourish your Mind, Body & Soul

Written on Thursday, October 25 2018

Saphirra Boutique Day Spa

Saphirra is a professionally trained Beauty Therapist, passionate about helping each individual woman to nourish her mind, body and soul. 

Saphirra believes it is important to allow the busy mind to become quiet. If the mind is calm, then the deepest level of relaxation is possible.

Saphirra's Boutique Day Spa is your place to unwind. The Day Spa is in a serenely stylish surrounds at Studio on Ormond, where all of your senses will be blissfully relaxed.

​The Day Spa uses Emergin C, the best quality, natural, Australian made, Skincare products available.  Vitamin C fights free radicals, reduces aging, brightens the skin and reduces pigmentation (age spots). These beautiful, cosmeceutical products, with active ingredients, will produce powerful results, leaving you looking and feeling great! After your facial, your skin will feel smooth, hydrated and nourished.

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83 Ormond Rd, East Geelong