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Kin & Ko Gallery

4 Bridge Rd Barwon Heads

Kin & Ko Gallery

Peter Logan Exhibition - August 31 - 30 September

This inaugural exhibition by Peter Logan, who is a local artist in Barwon Heads is featured this September in Kin & Ko Gallery.

Peter’s work, and in particular, this exhibition is inspired by the natural world and explores the artistic principle of repetition. Repetition is the use of two or more elements or forms within a composition. The systematic arrangement of these repeated forms creates patterns. The movement within these patterns create RHYTHM. This visual effect and large format make for an engaging, immersive experience for the viewer.

Peter works predominately in acrylic on canvas and linen.

Also in the gallery this month are the works from artist in residence Fred Thompson along with Zoe Louise, Donna Hunt and Jimmy Hunt.

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4 Bridge Road, Barwon Heads