Body Conquest

2 Plantation Rd Corio

Create Body Happiness

Under the leadership of Ingrid Barclay who has for nearly thirty years provided her knowledge, experience and skills to the wider community, Body Conquest has gained an enviable reputation, attaining a highly respected position in the Australian fitness industry. 

Body Conquest has a diverse range of programs spanning from competition and stage preparation, introduction to powerlifting, and the Jewel in the crown: the “Body Conquest Fat Loss Course” just to name a few.

The highly dedicated team of trainers are not only there to ensure the physical experience is safe and healthy, but to provide a positive, friendly and motivating environment to help clients transform both their minds and physiques. Body conquest wants each client to be the BEST version of themselves possible.

99% of people who train are seeking Body Recomposition, more muscle, efficient metabolism and less body fat. Body Conquest is Geelong’s leading expert in transformations with Ingrid training thousands of clients over her three decades. The BC mantra is “the difference between the body you have and the body you want is the weight you lift”.

For Body Conquest, the keys are passion, purpose and positivity.

Education is provided on cooking and meal preparation, increasing metabolism, changing habits and creating a new mind-set. Through years of dedication and qualified experience, the results are proven and the team will be only too happy to provide you with examples of their successes from 18-year old’s through to clients in their seventies. It’s never, ever too late.


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