Engineering at The Gordon

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Engineering at the Gordon

Engineering Short Courses at The Gordon

There are a growing number of engineering short courses available throughout the year at The Gordon. The current curriculum includes an impressive four welding courses, an introductory AutoCAD course and Hydraulic Circuits course. 

Whether you’re keen to finesse your design skills, or are wanting to unleash some creativity and build a garden sculpture,  look no further. 

In the coming months the focus is on AutoCAD Level 1 (2 May), Hobby Welding – Basic (1 May) and Welding – Aluminium / Stainless Steel (7 May), but check the website to see when new course dates are released during the year, because the following courses also run: Hobby Welding – Sculpture, Production Welding, and Engineering – Course in Basic Hydraulic Circuits.

AutoCAD is a valuable design program used in building and engineering, as well as many other design industries. Over nine classes, the Level 1 course will introduce students to the program, and covers all basic commands and terminology. The perfect addition to an engineering skill- set.

The Gordon’s expert teachers guide students in a hands-on, practical workshop setting. Engineering Program Manager Rory McNamara said it has been great to welcome new groups of students into the department with a fun, creative and productive focus. In reference to the very popular sculpture welding course, he says ‘the course is designed to be a non-intimidating learning environment where we encourage participants to bring their ideas, sketches and design vision so we can give the skills to create their own unique pieces. We’ve seen some fantastic projects come together so far.”

While most courses are designed for budding welders looking to improve their skills for the workplace as well as for home projects, the teachers are able to cater to more advanced skills if required.

For full details on all engineering short courses and to book, please call 8373 9179 or visit