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Sounds Of Freedom

167 Thompson Rd Bell Park

In the last few decades a deeper understanding has been acquired of the immense potential ‘sound’ has for transformative healing and personal and spiritual development.

Sound healing works effectively on proven scientific principles that can help alleviate symptoms from the modern way of living, and help to create a clearer, more balanced and relaxed state. Hence, facilitating more of an internal contentedness and fulfilment as we continue through our daily lives. It also helps release blocked or supressed emotions creating a greater sense of wellness in the body and mind. It has been known to ease physical pain and negative emotion associated with pain.

Those who have experienced ‘Sounds Of Freedom’ have enjoyed warm heart connections, tingles through the body, alleviation of long-term pain, deeper insights into behaviours they are stuck on, or simply a feeling of deep peace and relaxation. It also promotes deep and rested sleep patterns.