Pete Denahy - Travellin' Still...the Songs of Slim Dusty

Pete Denahy - Travellin' Still...the Songs of Slim Dusty

218-230 Princes Hwy Corio

sábado, junio 1 2019 from 10:00 am to 03:59 pm

When Slim Dusty’s Travelling Country Band played their last full show with Slim in 2002, the band members all went their separate ways.


Fast-forward to 2016, at the Slim Dusty Music Festival in Kempsey, NSW, they found themselves on-stage together for the first time in years. And it felt like only yesterday as the old songs, friendships and memories came flooding back. One comment from an audience member, “This show has to go on the road!” got them all thinking, why not? There aren’t many bands around where all the members were part of the Slim Dusty Show!


So, Rod Coe, Mike Kerin, Jeff Mercer, Rob Souter and Peter Denahy have decided to take the show on the road.


And what an experience this will be; five musicians who will be sharing stories, some of their own music and of course the songs of Slim Dusty which will sound pretty darn genuine because they’ll be played by his own band!



Rod Coe - bass; Slim’s longtime producer and bandleader

Mike Kerin - fiddle; Slim’s longest serving fiddle player - over 25 years in the band.

Jeff Mercer - lead guitar; Slim’s right hand man on stage, keeping “the sound” alive.

Rob Souter - drums; Slim’s rhythm man for as long as anyone can remember - he even toured with a broken arm.

Pete Denahy - guitar and vocals; Slim’s last band member who played as a musician and support artist.