Flying Brick Cider House

1251 Bellarine Hwy Wallington

A must! Think innovate space, a tasting paddle of ciders, amazing food without the ‘fancy’, the best Bellarine wines around, a solid selection of beer, Friday night live music which traces the roots of rock, soul, rhythm and blues and you’ll get an inkling of what to expect, funky, fabulous, fun!

Flying Brick ciders are traditionally crafted from 100% fresh fruit and contain no sugars, colours, flavourings or concentrates.  In addition to the three signature ciders: Original, Pear and Draught, the onsite cidery is continually crafting boutique seasonal batches from fresh, seasonal fruit.

Launched on The Bellarine in 2010, the quirky name comes from the Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo whose local nick name is ‘Flying Brick’.  Known for their spunk, these birds are loved for their happy, playful and seemingly ‘naughty’ appearance and disposition.  Local legend also has it that if a flock of black cockatoos flies overhead, you are blessed with good luck.