Dinner Series @ TARRA Queenscliff

Nestled in the scenic Queenscliff Ferry Terminal, TARRA Queenscliff introduces its exclusive Dinner Series, inviting you to “savour the story”. More than a meal, each event is a narrative woven from the personal culinary journeys of our award-winning Executive Chef, Michael Demagistris and his talented team.

Following the huge success of the first Dinner Series – Nonna’s Kitchen, TARRA Queenscliff is thrilled to present the second chapter in the Dinner Series: “Global Palate”. This event is not just a presentation of diverse global cuisines; it’s an insight through Executive Chef, Michael Demagistris world-spanning journey and the many experiences that have shaped his craft. 

Michael’s path has taken him to some of the world’s most revered kitchens, from the innovative environment of Noma in Copenhagen to the boundary-pushing Alinea in Chicago. There, he absorbed everything from the art of foraging to the intricate science of fermentation and the meticulousness of execution to the creativity of plating. 

At Noma, every ingredient was chosen with purpose, a philosophy that profoundly influenced his approach to cuisine. In contrast, Alinea was a stage where the dining experience transcended the ordinary, where Michael learnt the complexity of flavour profiles and how to create a narrative through taste. 

While grounded in modern Australian traditions, this menu will be a combination of his encounters, channelling the essence of Parisian, Swiss, Roman, and Italian flavours. 

With “Global Palate,” we invite our guests to embark on a journey that is not just international flavours, but global cooking techniques that transform food. Each course is a chapter of Michael’s story, each flavour a marker of his journey.

This ticketed event aims to connect diners to extraordinary food and the memories and adventures that inform each dish. 

Book now at tarra.com.au to avoid disappointment.

(03) 5257 4599

1 Wharf Street East , Queenscliff