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The Dinner Series at TARRA Queenscliff

Dinner Series – Nonna’s Kitchen – @ TARRA Queenscliff

Nestled in the scenic Queenscliff Ferry Terminal, TARRA Queenscliff introduces its exclusive Dinner Series, inviting you to “savour the story”. More than a meal, each event is a narrative woven from the personal culinary journeys of our award-winning Executive Chef Michael Demagistris and his talented team.

Spanning tales from his Nonna’s Kitchen to globe-trotting restaurant experiences, the series promises a monthly exploration of the stories behind the plates. “Each menu is a chapter from my life, shared through the universal language of food,” says Chef Michael. Crafted from scratch using locally sourced and hand-foraged ingredients, the dinners are a testament to simplicity, quality, and the art of storytelling.

Kicking off the series on Saturday, 16th March, with “Nonna’s Kitchen,” Executive Chef Michael Demagistris crafts a profoundly personal menu that pays homage to his grandmother, the first muse of his journey in food. This inaugural dinner weaves cherished family traditions with his professional prowess, featuring dishes like his signature raviolo and homemade cannoli, embodying the spirit of Nonna’s cooking. Guests are invited to savour a story of love, heritage, and family at TARRA Queenscliff.

This ticketed event aims to connect diners to extraordinary food and the memories and adventures that inform each dish.

Book now at tarra.com.au to avoid disappointment.



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