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Travel In Style With Bags Only

Choose the right suitcase for your next holiday.

Travel is back, with more Australian’s travelling than ever before.

Choosing the best luggage for your next trip will depend a lot on your reason for travel, the destination(s) you’re travelling to, how often you travel, budget and ultimately what you feel most comfortable with.

Is a hard case better than a soft case? The answer is never straight forward and again, it’s often the type you’re most accustomed to using.

For lengthy trips, bigger and lighter is better. If you like to pack plenty, expanders are a must. Packing fragile items? A good hard-shell case will provide superior protection for your items. If you require fast access to your packed belongings, soft cases feature easily accessible zippered front pockets.

Price is a major consideration, purchasing multiple large cases can be quite expensive. Talk to staff in-store, they are keen travellers themselves and can share their insights and product knowledge when helping you decide. There’s often popular high-quality luggage available, with the exact same features made from the exact same materials at a lower price point.

Bags Only Factory Outlet offers a huge selection of luggage, personal bag products and travel accessories, at the lowest prices. Travellers and shoppers alike will be spoilt for choice with the biggest Australian and International brands on offer.

Bags Only Luggage Factory Outlet is open seven days. Monday – Saturday 10.00am to 5.00pm, Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Bags Only Edit Pic Nov 23- top
(03) 5244 2934

115 – 117 High Street, Belmont (the old Toys R Us shop)