Hygea Counselling ep sept15

Change Your Life With Hygea Hypnotherapy

Empowering people to reclaim the best of their life.

*WINTER WARMER SPECIAL* $40 off your initial session! 

Lorina Harris has been assisting people for over 15 years to access their inner resources and develop new skills of empowerment to reclaim their lives. Lorina is very empathetic and respectful in her approach and specialises in working with sensitive people.

She offers a variety of therapies including: EMDR Therapy which is renowned for releasing trauma, addictions and more. Clinical Hypnotherapy, E.F.T. / Tapping, Wholistic Counselling, Hypnobirthing and Non-attachment Therapy are also available. 

By changing negative beliefs and shifting old programs of behaviour, positive change becomes possible.

Lorina will assist you in creating openness for more supportive strategies, beliefs and feelings, empowering you to live the life you were born to live.

She would love to hear from you and looks forward to working together to find a path that best supports your goals.


Hygea Counselling ep sept15
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