An Iconic Antique Business Making Way For A Modern Interpretation

1 March 2024

Pegasus Antiques is a name that is extremely well recognized and renowned locally and beyond. It has always represented quality and workmanship of the highest standard and simply started from one young man’s passion and skill set.

Ken Duggan grew up in the outskirts of Melbourne in Sunbury, when it was a small country town. Ken was only seven years old when he came about a small prayer chair in a second-hand dealer’s store in Kyneton and he just had to have that chair. So, many chores later and with his savings in hand, he excitedly purchased his first antique item, however unfortunately his father didn’t see the chair quite the same way and it spent many years stored in their home garage. 20 years on Ken’s love of aged furniture grew and with an Upholstery course under his belt and a determination to bring life back to that chair, he did just that, as well as proudly show his father just what he was capable of.

At the time Ken didn’t realize the hobby he had been passionate about for so long, had unofficially begun, but as a teacher at Sunbury High School, this took priority on weekdays and on his weekends, they were full to the brim doing Antique Fairs. These were the days when antiques were highly sought after and buyers were keen to fill their homes with pieces made with stunning materials and of intricate workmanship. Sellers were scouring every part of the globe for their own collections and like Ken if you had an educated eye, an absolute passion, and a skillset to match, then you were leaps and bounds ahead of much of the competition.

By 1989, Pegasus Antiques required a home, so the business commenced in a small building in Latrobe Blvd in Newtown and as it grew, it outgrew its space and within a matter of years expanded into two warehouses, full to the brim with furniture and ongoing restoration. Most of the furniture was bought through searching and exploring a variety of towns and villages throughout England, Scotland and France and in turn, each piece was pedantically restored to its former glory. The warehouse was also in turn, replicated into an historical Tudor style village and as you weave from room to room and along the corridors, you would swear that you were really back in a time far removed from our modern day.

In 1998, Ken’s son, Joel joined the business as an Apprentice and under Ken’s watchful eye, he learnt the traditional methods of French Polishing. He clearly had his father’s talent and during that time won a plethora of awards for his outstanding skills and workmanship, whilst also studying. He also laughingly refers that his career took off at the ripe old age of four, as he regularly wandered around his Fathers work premises helping where he could.

Ken is now happily retired and enjoying a much more relaxed lifestyle, with Joel at the helm now driving the business. His memories are vast of a time that was incredibly busy, exciting and of furnishings that were indeed well sought after. He made a lifetime of friendships with clients and suppliers, as well as being able to turn his much-loved hobby into a much-loved career. Ask Ken what made him work seven days around the clock and his answer is simple…I just wanted to take my kids to Disneyland and my teachers wage just was not enough for that. So, his wish came true as did a later three-month trip for the family in a Campervan around Europe, indulging in all thing’s history and culture, no wonder Joel followed his Father’s footsteps…

Current day and the Pegasus Antiques door will be closing for good in October this year after a 35-year hiatus. The premises is being redeveloped and as all things furniture are deeply embedded in Joel, his plans now and moving forward, are his beloved antique furnishings meshed with a little bit of modern, contemporary, and unique. It will be furniture done differently and after recognizing a gap in the marketplace he recently set on a journey to fill this space. Six months prior to launching in the home of Pegasus, just prior to Christmas 2023, was spent researching and sourcing. His priority was that every piece he offered was quality in design, materials used and workmanship. His range was to encompass a mix of modern and classic and each piece clearly reflects this.

Though it is still early days, the market response has been really positive and his plan is to continue expanding the current range on offer. Most, if not all, of his floor stock is ready to deliver immediately with local delivery offered free. Joel is happy to deliver after hours for your convenience and he offers the additional service of setting up your furniture and removing any packaging, which is just simply part of his amazing service. Plans are underway to be moving into a new premises in Pakington St, Newtown once the Pegasus Antiques warehouse closes in October.

In the meantime, discover them at 512 Latrobe Blvd, Newtown.

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