Geelong and surrounds provides a wonderful lifestyle opportunity to be enjoyed at any time of the year. Whether you reside in this stunning city, or are here indulging in a relaxing break, there is so much to see, do and enjoy. Geelong offers a stunning visual landscape complimented with a wide and diverse mix of offerings, catering to all styles and tastes. From the contemporary to the eclectic or the diverse and the divine, it’s all here in our region waiting for your discovery and delight.

The local and expanding food scene continues to provide a wonderful tapestry of taste and enjoyment. Arts, Crafts and Collectables are well renowned beyond our local marketplace. Retail offerings are vast and wide as is the vibrant and diverse local market scene. Kids and families are always well catered for with endless fun on offer along with the stunning setting of the Bellarine Peninsula always vying for our attention and promising it won’t disappoint.

It’s all here in one place to explore and enjoy and to plan and discover. The hardest thing will be…where to first….